Calling the Philippines – Startec


If you want to call the Philippines here is an affordable way to call home!

STARTEC Global Communications – you can make International calls directly from your cellphone or home phone.

You can go to the STARTEC website

You can select your call destination as Philippines – Landline, Philippines – Mobile-Globe or Philippines – Mobile – Other Carriers.

For Philippines – Landline will cost you just 8.9 cents per minute.
For Philippines – Mobile – Globe – will cost you just 5.9 cents per minute.
For Philippines – Mobile- Other Carriers – will cost you just 14.9 cents per minute.

Making International Calls can be from you home phone – Direct Dial Long Distance offers low rates, crystal-clear connections and excellent service over Startec’s world-class network directly from your home phone.

Making International Calls can also be from your Cell Phone or any other phone – You can take Startec’s service and savings with you everywhere you go with Cellconnect. Just dial the toll free access number and call from up to 4 registered phones, including cell phones.

How to Sign Up:


Click on the SIGN UP button on the right hand corner.

You will see a rate finder .
You will select your call destination from the ” Where would you like to call” dropdown Menu.

You will see an Option for Plan/Features.
You choose the Plan you want and click sign up.
It will then take you to the SIGN UP PAGE.
Fill up the information needed on the sign up page and on that page you can choose the prepaid amount you want to purchase.

You will get an e-mail on instructions for calling with all the access numbers needed to call!

That easy! Try it now!!


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