The required formalities for electing Philippine citizenship are:

(1) a statement of election under oath;
(2) an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and Government of the Philippines; and
(3) registration of the statement of election and of the oath with the nearest Philippine local civil registry.

All of these must be done within a reasonable time after the person attained the age of majority. The phrase reasonable time has been interpreted by the Philippine Supreme Court to mean that the election should be made within three (3) years from reaching the age of majority.

No election of Philippine citizenship shall be accepted for registration under Commonwealth Act No. 625 unless the party exercising the right of election has complied with the requirements of the Philippines’ Alien Registration Act of 1950 particularly the registration as an alien living in the Philippines.

Also, the person electing Philippine citizenship is required to file a petition with the Bureau of Immigration for the cancellation of his alien certificate of registration based on his election of Philippine citizenship and the Bureau of Immigration will initially decide, based on the evidence presented the validity or invalidity of said election.

Afterwards, the same is elevated to the Department of Justice for final determination and review.


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