Keto and Gout

These are compiled experiences on KETO Diet and Gout:

Dear Keto, I love you, but now I have GOUT! Now What?

After < 2 months on Keto, this has been the most successful diet I have ever tried, down 23 lbs!! It was easy and delightful. However, I am paying the price now with a wicked case of gout. This is one of THE most painful things I have ever experienced, above and beyond surgery or broken bones. It feels like someone is grinding glass into my toe joint. The meds are helping with the attack, but what about weight loss? Can there be a compromise between keto and a low-purine diet?


You're not eating enough veggies probably. People here go overboard with emphasizing bacon and beef. You should be eating LOTS of leafy green vegetables like collard greens, kale, spinach, etc. and also non-animal sources of protein and fat like nuts, seeds, and avocado.

Its not likely from keto, but keto friendly foods can trigger it (I have gout).
Gout attacks are caused by fluctuations in uric acid levels in the blood. Certain foods can cause spikes (or drops as a drop an also trigger an attack).
Go see a doctor, he can give you steroids to take down the infamamtion quickly and get rid of the pain (seriously its like get shot, wait 2 hours, pain free). Once the attack is over, get baseline blood work done to see uric acid levels and then get on meds if needed (I take allopurinol – its like $8 for a 3 months supply) also watch what you eat. For me fresh spinach is a big deal (cooked isnt), I can eat tons of red meat, drink etc. no problem, but lots of fresh spinach? ouch.


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