K1 Visa Filed February 2018 Update

02/20/2018- AOS send via USPS
02/23/2018- AOS received
03/14/2018- text and email notifications
03/13/2018- NOA notice date (i-485, i-131)
03/20/2018- EAD rejection letter received (outdated Form)
03/21/2018- Response to EAD rejection letter send by USPS (delivered 03/26)
03/23/2018- biometrics letter received (I-485)
04/04/2018- biometrics appointment (I-485)
04/06/2018- NOA email/text notification (EAD)
04/05/2018- NOA notice date (EAD)
04/13/2018- received letter from USCIS, that they will use I-485 biometrics for EAD
04/18/2018- case ready for scheduling Interview
05/24/2018- EAD approved (expedited on 05/04)
06/01/2018- EAD delivered to me
07/30/2018- AP approved
08/01/2018- AP approval notice received in the mail

Source: VisaJourney


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