Hammer & Play with Max C

Come Play and Learn Colors with Max C !

Spark. Create. Imagine. 3-Piece Multicolor Hammer and Play Set

Upgrade your little one’s playtime and enjoy watching them play with Spark Create Imagine’s Hammer & Play Set. Spark’s Hammer & Play Set is sure to spark your little one’s imagination and provide countless hours of fun while aiding their learning during an important developmental time. This complete set includes all sorts of fun balls in assorted colors along with a hammer and a structure for kids to place the balls on top of and watch as they slowly roll all the way down! Each piece comes in a different color that’s sure to be a hit with kids. The Hammer & Play Set is perfect for any little one who loves to play with balls and tools and would make a great addition to any playroom, nursery, kids bedroom or other place your little one needs some stimulating fun! Pick up Spark Create Imagine’s Hammer & Play Set today and watch your little one’s face light up with joy!
Watch your little one hae fun with their play hammer and balls
Great for encouraging hand-eye coordination, interaction, fine motor skills and more
Complete set includes a bunch of fun balls and other pieces in assorted colors
Vibrant design in assorted colors is sure to be a hit with all kids
Ideal addition to any home’s playroom, nursery or kid’s bedroom
Place the balls on different parts of the structure and watch as they slowly loop around to the ground
Perfect for any kid who loves hammers, tools and fun with balls


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